Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Road to Waldron

Road to Waldron

Side roads.
Few cars.
Quiet roads.
A tinge of Autumn.
Exploring new areas.

I took Mill Street from Parkville west. It turns in to NW River road. I then took the spur to the left. This road followed the RR tracks to Waldron. After going through Waldron I took the first right up a long steep hill. This gave me the work out I needed for the day. I crossed 45 hwy and then went up another hill. Seeing more hills ahead, I felt I had enough and turned around.

Going back down that long hill I got up to 30 mph. There is one stretch east of Waldron where the road turns to gravel. Railroad workers were flying west as I was headed back east. The dust was thick that they kicked up but there were only 5 trucks that went by. Other than that the road was quiet. I enjoyed the fall colors that were starting.

When I got back to Parkville. I enjoyed a root bear float in the shade.

Total miles 19.4

I felt good on the ride and the long hill did not wear me out. My 3 day average after today was 20.4 miles. The highest for me so far.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cliff Trail Ride

Cliff Dr.

I have been cycling lately.

Here are some photos of a recent ride.

Cliff Trail