Sunday, February 27, 2005

Naturalist - Naturalism


1 : one that advocates or practices naturalism
2 : a student of natural history; especially : a field biologist

natural history the study of the life history of plants and animals.


1 : action, inclination, or thought based only on natural desires and instincts
2 : a theory denying that an event or object has a supernatural significance; specifically : the doctrine that scientific laws are adequate to account for all phenomena

As a naturalist I study and learn about nature. As a naturalist I reject the fallacy that life could evolve from a big bang or a single cell or other type of basic origin apart from God.

I see society mainly illiterate about nature. Society choses to spend money for recreation and pleasure when there is an abundance of beauty and pleasure all around that is free. We reject the creator of nature and then block ourselves from it and have little knowledge of it and then say that God has no part in nature. The way nature is handled is evident that there is illiteracy in much of our understanding of nature.

I don't judge people that are not interested in nature that is not what I want to do. I see nature as a opportunity for enjoyment and reflection of life. I see nature as a therapy for myself to quiet my soul to hear what my future should be. Problems do not seem as big when viewed from a log in the middle of the woods. They may be much bigger when viewed in front of a computer screen.

I seem less significant or I seem small when in a natural surrounding. Yet at the same time I seem more significant when I view myself and my future from a natural surrounding. I approach the creator of nature in prayer for answers for my life in the midst of handiwork that is so much greater than words can express. What He did with the world he can do with my life. His genius in developing the ecology of the world and its resiliency to bounce back from almost any calamity encourages me to look to Him to help me cope with the problems of life.

Naturalism that denies God, denies the basis of nature. From this weakness there is danger to not come to a true understanding of how nature works. True one can still view and understand biology etc. But to deny God is to fly in the face of what God asks of us. That is to have a reverent fear of Him. To fear God is to have the beginning point of wisdom. To reject God is to reject the basis for wisdom. One may learn and understand a lot. But a time will come when the foundations of understanding will be tested. Then the weakness of not acknowledging God will be revealed.

Some hold to naturalism because it frees them from dealing with having to acknowledge a creator. I want to show my creator by the work He has done in nature.

Evolution Debate

Broken oak Posted by Hello

Natural History magazine has a debate on their web site between Intelligent Design” and evolution. The debate isn't carried far enough but it is interesting to read. It was reprinted from © The American Museum of Natural History, 2002

It is set in a point and courter point. Intelligent Design should then be able to counter the original argument. And the evolutionists should be able to answer the countered argument.

I plan to repost this as I find more info.

Some great comments on the debate.

All things 2 all Blog has links to many
articles dealing with this subject.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Summer Trail photo

Hiking trail at Maple Woods Missouri natural area. Posted by Hello

Friday, February 25, 2005

American Basswood

25 Feb 2005 Photo of American Basswood Posted by Hello

Leaves with fruit form. June 05 

I first I.D.ed this tree because I saw it growing in a clump. There was one in a park I was walking in for lunch. The tree usually has a straight bole. The tree may reproduce by sprouting from a stump of an older tree.


Vermont's ID page Good photos for ID

Biggest American Basswood tree 246 points!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Sun's Energy

Mammoth Cave State Park Kentucky Posted by Hello

All plants manufacture energy from the sun through photosynthesis. This plant factory fuels the world with energy. Many different types of leaves and plants utilize this source and the process is the same.

Taking carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil, combining the 2 through the process of photosynthesis. Carbon and oxygen are the products.

The 5 ingredients needed for photosynthesis are, light, carbon dioxide, water, oxygen and temperature. If anyone of these are in limited supply then the rate of photosynthesis slows. Carbon dioxide is about 3% of air, increase that amount and plant growth will increase.

This is life at its basic level. In the Spring the buds that were developed the year before burst forth as the land surges with new growth. when light warmth and water become abundant, then slower as the season progresses.

Just as photosynthesis is the process of capturing energy from the sun, there is a way to receive life from God. The Bible teaches "Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through Him. John 14:6

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Jill & I on the Katty Trail by Rochport MO Posted by Hello

Spring, Flowering Dogwood

Looking forward to Spring. Flowering Dogwood Posted by Hello

Spring a time of renewal and energy. Hope to see many of these trees to retake photos.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Wait for God

Winter sunset in Missouri forest  Posted by Hello

Some would say take courage. But how do you take courage? Ps 27:14 Wait for the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage, yes wait for the Lord.

Waiting for the Lord is the way to let your heart take courage.
Ps 40:1 I waited patiently for the Lord and He inclined to me and heard my cry.

Waiting involves crying out to God.

Waiting patiently signifies that He does not always answer instantly.

Living with right attitude means living with an attitude of waiting!
What does living with an attitude of waiting consist of? Having an expectancy! Saying, "What is God going to do?"

James 4:7-11 Crying out to God and humbling yourself before Him. Is a way to seek Him. I am doing it in the truck while I drive. I want to have my mind on Him all the time. Or to put it another way, put my mind towards Him each moment that is available. There are times for mourning before Him, and then there are times of being thankful. I will go with what I sense.

Submit therefore to God. Be ready to obey. Why wait for God if you aren't going to do what He says? There is strength in obedience. Obedience can move us into love.

Forests wait for spring before springing into growth. The conditions must be right for them to start. Our waiting before God will give us the conditions for growth. If a tree puts out growth too soon those new shoots will die back in late frosts. If we start before God's ability our works will be cut back. Waiting seems to be a waste of time but with wisdom we learn it's worth.

For many the place of waiting would be going to church often. For others with more growth, it would be times of quietness before God.

Woods after a snow. Quiet, a few birds flew through trees. All quiet in the forest. Forest waits for spring. The randomness of tree branches. All buttoned up for winter.

There is one thing about waiting on the Lord, you never know when or how He is going to show up. I was sitting in my work truck doing paperwork. A resident asked me if I would clear his street of leaves. I did it for him and that is all I needed to fix my plow. It was not raising up like it should after a recent snow. It saved me from taking it to the shop for repair. A simple solution of driving with the plow down caused the hydrophilics to work. I think God sent that man to request help to disclose the simple solution I needed.

What was I doing? Going about my normal day. I hadn't even prayed about the problem. But I was in prayer.

If I don't set a time to seek God then it is passed by. For me one of the best times to seek God is after family devotions. Many would suggest early in the morning. For me, Being awake and getting ready for work hinder my time to seek God.

Hiked to Hidden Valley outlook. Why am I here? I am here because I need God? If God gave me strength I wouldn't be here seeking Him. Why then should He give me strength? I need to obey God before I can expect His strength!

Walking along a soggy trail from melting snow, my boot slipped in the mud scarring the ground. Scarred ground in the winter will stay scarred until growth comes to heal it. Wait on God, for you will not be healed until He comes.

Woods prepare for winter, by divesting themselves of work, (dropping their leaves), and wait for warmth of Spring.

Have you ever had a job where there was nothing to do so your boss handed you a broom and you swept the floor more than once just to stay busy. How much of our Christian activity is busy work? We could be waiting on God in prayer and have real assignments to do! I pray that what I do is not busy work. Am I just being busy to show others that I am an honorable Christian?

Do we neglect our responsibilities in order to wait on God? No.
Do we shy away from trying in order to wait on God? No.

Wait for basic direction. Be about these activities. Then wait for further input from God.

It seems to me that if you don't have basic direction you should really push hard on waiting before the Lord.

Take vacation time. Look for spare moments. Do what you got to do to get to God.