Sunday, May 29, 2005

Death Valley

Death Valley is a foreboding place. A moonscape not meant for life. Heat and cold. Very little rain. But 2005 has been a year of rain for Death Valley. Flowers have sprung up where only rock and dirt have been before.

Death valley could be a picture of my soul. I have tried to serve God and follow His leading. But many times I have become discouraged. I ask myself, "What have I been able to do for Him?"

Death Valley this year points to belief. Don't give up. When all around you seems barren and hopeless, keep pressing on. The Valley had seed in it that had not seen rain in more than 50 years. But the seed was still there waiting for the rain. When the rain came life was born. God's healing rain will come. It will come and give life to your soul. Don't look at barrenness as a reason for hopelessness. Where God's seed is there is hope. God's word will not return void. It will accomplish what it was sent to do.

Keep trusting and keep believing. The rain will fall. God is watching over His word to perform it.

Article on death valley flowers with 6” rain


Death Valley alive with wildflowers

Record rains yield 'once-in-a-lifetime' display

Death Valley Alive With Flowers

Death Valley rain produces a rush of turrists and bedlum of activity.

Death Valley carpet of flowers
Carpets 2

Unusual Rains Have Death Valley National Park Blooming

The wettest year on record in Death Valley was producing a spectacular flower show, even though the blooming season was just beginning....
The wettest year on record in Death Valley was producing a even though the blooming season was just beginning....
spectacular flower show,

Rare Death Valley bloom will move across hillsides.

36 photos of Death Valley

Sunday, May 22, 2005

The 100 Best Books of the 20th Century'

I saw a list of the 100 best books of the
20th Century

I have read 10 of them. I will use the others
as a list to read from when I am looking for another book to

But I was thinking, do we read God’s work of nature?

Why do I read? to be entertained and to learn.. I have found
though that my level of stress will keep me from learning. I
think that is why people turn to TV. It allows them to chill.
That doesn’t work for me because of the lack of morality
that the owners present on TV.

Nature is a way to reorient my life, back to the direction I
am supposed to be going. It quiets my heart, nature
reminds me to look to Jesus for help.

I am amazed at the consistency of nature. God has designed
it to bounce back from almost anything. With God’s grace
we can accomplish what He has designed and created us to

As trees keep pointing toward the sun to receive energy to
grow, keep looking to Jesus to receive the power to live.