Friday, February 28, 2014

Honey Locust

 photo IMG_0265_zps2290b4e9.jpg

The forboding canopy of Honey Locust

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

American White Pelicans

 photo IMG_3331_zpsbc0e0c0c.jpg

 photo IMG_3332_zps94419590.jpg

American White Pelicans  must have found a school of fish for they swam in this formation eating the fish

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Eastern Red Bud Bark

 photo IMG_0066_zpsf4116688.jpg

Eastern Red bud tree that has these bumps up the bole. Are they burls?

Monday, February 17, 2014


   photo IMG_3442_zps011bdb69.jpg

 Job 12:7-9 But now ask the beasts, and let them teach you; And the birds of the heavens, and let them tell you. 8 “Or speak to the earth, and let it teach you; And let the fish of the sea declare to you. 9 “Who among all these does not know That the hand of the Lord has done this,

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Old White Oak in Winter

 photo fb68119c-49c4-4555-9628-c8fee84e4248_zps1b85b342.jpg

There is a tree that is not far from where I live and not far off the road I wanted to revisit. I was there 5 years ago and had measured it then. I was thinking is was a big tree for the area I live in and wanted to measure it to see its growth. When we got there I noticed the canopy showed a lot of branches were dead, the top had been broken off in years past and the tree probably would not last much longer.

It was a stately tree and was the biggest White oak I had measured. Granted, there were I am sure, much bigger white oaks. But I had not measured them. This old friend had seen much change down through the years. The woods around it were much younger. The woods was more of an abandoned strip which was waiting to be cleared for development. Yet the development had not come.

Much to my delight I have been able to enjoy hiking here and experiencing the natural life there.

Anyway this old tree was showing its age and as in life all things will come to an end in this world. But I will watch this old tree in its last days and years. Being in undeveloped land it will be there until it breaks in a storm.

The measurement. January 27th 2009 circumference 179.5 inches. February 14th 2014 circumference 190.75” a 11.25 inches of circumference or 6% increase in 5 years.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


I live in part of the world where there are no mountains. When I go outside I don't see in the distance the peaks breaking up into the skyline. I don't have forests to visit and roam on those mountains.

I live in a place where there is no saw mills. At least I have not seen any. I never see a log truck rumbling down the road with a load of logs. Some, of course would wonder, why I would want to see log trucks. “Aren't you a tree lover,” they would say. Yes I do love trees and log trucks would mean there are trees close by.

I live in a place where liking trees is an oddity. I have never run into a person that hikes in the woods to find trees. In fact when I hike in most woods I go to I don't run into anybody. Now that can be taken both ways. One of the reasons I like going to where trees grow is to enjoy the peace that is there. And if I had people there the peace would be broken. Yet in the times when I have come across someone, there is interesting conversation. But I can't remember what it was, that was a while back.

I do live in a place where there are patches of woods here and there. And I make use of these woods often. And I thank the Lord for these trees. If you like trees you don't have to have millions to enjoy. One tree has enough to it to learn and watch for decades. A tree is like an old friend. When I come across a tree I have visited before I can learn and remember and note what is there.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cedar Tree in Winter

 photo IMG_3530_zps13803ffc.jpg

 We measured this Eastern Red Cedar tree the 29th of Nov 2013

Height 48'
Circumference 95 1/4"
Canopy of 45' & 40'
 Total points = 151

The tree seems to have a flat top like many trees.  I don't expect this tree to gain much height. We'll see when we return at a later date. I do think it shows some beauty as it shades the grave yard.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Creek in New Snow

 photo IMG_0241_zps6b69fa60.jpg

 Hiking on Sunday afternoon I went by this creek. It has just snowed about 1/2 inch after 8 inches earlier in the week.


Sunday, February 09, 2014

Snag Tree as Landmark

 photo IMG_3595_zps73f9b4e0.jpg

 This snag is used as a marker as I walk my course through the woods. It can be seen from a distance and stands out with the white and black on the bole of the snag. Trees in winter blend in together and it is hard to see much difference between one tree and another. The tree is also bigger than other trees in the area, making it easier to see.

It seems this tree was here when the field was open and used as a pasture.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Osage Orange Trees

   photo IMG_3597_zpsf1464e44.jpg

The tree leaning to the right and the tree just to the left of this tree are Osage orange trees.

2 Photos of Osage orange. Many times they grow with multiple stems. I never has seen woods dominated by them. But they occur here and there and I am interested to find them. It is impossible to pass through these. You must go around them. The branches are stiff and the thorns will tear your clothes and skin. :(

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Vines Engulf Tree

 photo IMG_3577_zpsdda7f164.jpg

This tree doesn't have a chance. Vines have got it covered.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Deer Rub


I'll see these deer rubs in the woods from time to time. They are doing 3 things.

Rubbing ghe velvet off the antlers. Marking their territory with scent glands near their antlers, so other bucks will know they are there.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Tall Grass

 photo DSC09824_zps30c93294.jpg

Here I am standing in tall grass next to a Black walnut.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Season Contrast of E. Cottonwood

Here is some contrast photos on a Eastern Cottonwood tree.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Red Wing Blackbird

 photo IMG_3188_zps4bf225b8.jpg

Female or 1st year Red wing black bird.

Photo taken October 9th 2013