Sunday, August 22, 2004

Abundant Life

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I ran into an old co-worker today. He had retired but came back as a contract worker, because all he did was shop and watch TV while on retirement.

I told him 100 hours a day would not be enough time.

Nature does that to you. There is so much to see and do. Life is rich. One of the ways life is rich is literacy. Reading brings much richness to life. God has given us much to enjoy. If we open our eyes and look.

Many are illiterate with nature. Buying a book and reading will broaden our prospective.

Living in the Mid-West we are having one of the best summers in 40 years. This gives more opportunities to experience God's creation.

I plan on heading back to the local pond I live near just to watch. While observing I learn much. Not maybe of nature but of life. I look forward to each day. Looking to Jesus to guide me. Nature provides a quietness to hear. The expectation of seeing new things.

Fog greets me this morning.

Because of fog I decide to hike in the afternoon. All of us went, my wife & 2 kids, Luke [14] & Angela [11].

We hiked along the Missouri River. Cottonwood, Box elder, Silver maple, Mulberry, Slippery elm, Chinese elm, American elm, Hackberry.

Blue sky with bright white fluffy clouds. Canada geese flying in formation over the trees on the Kansas side of the Missouri River. Pleasure boats shot up the river and waved. You don't see a lot of boats. The Missouri has a reputation of being dangerous.

The temperature was about 80 degrees. Low humidity. It was a great day for August 21st.

Earlier today I dug in the compost. It's still cooking as those micro-organisms were hard at work chewing up the fall leaves of 2003. Turning the leaves over allows air to get to more of the leaves. Bacteria that operates with air works faster than bacteria working without air.

Lord your beauty is in all the land. In the sky the sea and you work in the unseen areas of the soil. You prepare the earth, and give it rain. Your Spirit of life reaches down to us and causes us to grow. No matter what condition we find ourself in You are there with us. Thank you Jesus for the abundance of life and all your many gifts.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Roadless Areas

I read with dismay when the Administration’s Decision to Overturn the Roadless Area Conservation Rule

I have enjoyed hiking in wilderness areas for years. The nations forests are a treasure that I have enjoyed working in, playing in, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, cross country skying, exploring, and droving through. I have planted 10's of thousands of trees in Oregon. I have also cut some down. I have built fire trails, and burned off logging units.

I have wondered what I should say about this hot issue. One thing is sure no agreement will be reached that will please everybody.

In my life there are many people that I would like to please. But I want to please God. I need to be about the work God has for me. If I follow God's leading and accomplish His work that is enough.

How do I know His direction? I am not sure how to explain it. One thing I do know. He is a big enough God to show me in a way that I can recognize. I have faith in Him to teach me. Before I came to this faith, I thought it was hopeless.

Deuteronomy 32:12 “The Lord alone guided him, and there was no foreign god with him.”