Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Wind is blowing through the dead leaves of a Shingle Oak. They aren’t
useful anymore, but they are still there. Because they are there a sense
of the wind is there. We can be aware of God in our lives by the works
we have done in the past. Our experience gives us a sense of the
presence of God.

The leaves are not useful now. The tree waits for spring and new
growth. Afterwards it will put on new growth in response to sun, rain
and warmth. Now the winter cold dictates that the tree wait. Christians
need to learn to wait for the infilling of God’s power. Our strength
comes from the Lord’s word, not from our knowledge and our past
works. If we continue on knowledge and experience we will become

Learn to be quiet and confident that the Lord will bring new strength.
Receive God’s tools for the work He has for you.

Isaiah 41:1 “Coastlands listen to Me in silence, and let the people gain new strength; ...”