Thursday, May 27, 2010

Devotions at Black Willow Forest

I came to these woods along the Missouri river to have devotions. I read the 3 chapters of Titus. It was good just sitting and watching the wind go through the leaves. I saw an Indigo Bunting. All blue. But time marches on and I had to leave. I had been near here before and I definitely want to return to this site. God is good and I enjoy being still in the handiwork He has made.

The goodness of God continues to be with me. Thank you Lord for your wonderful works to the children of men.

Willow will dominate an area that is prone to flooding. Another species that thrives here is cottonwood. Willow has an edge on Cottonwood in flood areas. Cottonwood has an edge on the amount of seeds it puts out. I was looking at the sky near here yesterday and it was full of contwood seeds. It almost looked like it was snowing.

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