Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)


Pawpaws grow in understories and along slopes and in bottom land. The leaves are 6-12” long leaves. One of the biggest leaves grown by trees in the US. They turn bright yellow in Autumn. And stay on the trees for a while. The tree normally does not attain much height. It has been said to grow up to 20 feet. I measured one at 21 feet.

The fruit is interesting and is said to be edible. Tasting somewhat like a banana.

Picking up Pawpaws, putting them in a basket.”

Settlers used them for banana pie and banana bread. (Note some people have an allergic reaction to them.)

The buds are long brown, fuzzy and without scales.

The tree will produce suckers from roots, explaining why they occur in bunches at times. The wood is stringy, and Indians used this tree to weave fiber cloth.

The trees don't get big. This is a Pawpaw stem.

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