Saturday, January 18, 2014

Free Firewood

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When we bought our house 21 years ago I bought a pic-up truck to haul firewood. Then as our family grew I got rid of the pic-up to get a sedan.

My thinking was I could haul firewood with my work truck. But the Lord impressed on my heart that it wasn't right to use my work truck for personal use.

So I had no way to get firewood without paying for it. And if I paid for firewood, I wouldn't be saving any money for heating.

I asked the Lord to provide me with firewood. God is faithful. There have been storms that caused blow downs, and gifts from neighbors.

Just last month as I was chopping wood I told the Lord I needed more wood or I wouldn't have any for next year. Well a tree service company came by and asked my wife if we wanted some free wood. So now they have dropped this wood off and I will have a bunch for the coming year and beyond.

I'm not afraid of work. I enjoy the honest labor outdoors.

God is so very good and supplies us with abundance when we look to Him. Was my faith just right in my believing and confessing? No, but God abundantly supplies me with my desires as I serve Him with my life.

We can trust Him, not because we have it all together but because God is faithful. I give my time to God and He gives me what is on my heart.

Now I can continue to enjoy sitting by the fire to pray and meditating on Scripture in fellowship with God.

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  1. It's a good feeling to have a nice, big stack of firewood before the cold weather hits. I didn't quite manage enough last year, and we are in danger of running out. A neighbor offered a pretty decent section of an oak tree, which will help, but it's not quite cured for burning. I burns, but not as well as it should. But it may be enough to see us through the worst of the winter.