Sunday, February 16, 2014

Old White Oak in Winter

 photo fb68119c-49c4-4555-9628-c8fee84e4248_zps1b85b342.jpg

There is a tree that is not far from where I live and not far off the road I wanted to revisit. I was there 5 years ago and had measured it then. I was thinking is was a big tree for the area I live in and wanted to measure it to see its growth. When we got there I noticed the canopy showed a lot of branches were dead, the top had been broken off in years past and the tree probably would not last much longer.

It was a stately tree and was the biggest White oak I had measured. Granted, there were I am sure, much bigger white oaks. But I had not measured them. This old friend had seen much change down through the years. The woods around it were much younger. The woods was more of an abandoned strip which was waiting to be cleared for development. Yet the development had not come.

Much to my delight I have been able to enjoy hiking here and experiencing the natural life there.

Anyway this old tree was showing its age and as in life all things will come to an end in this world. But I will watch this old tree in its last days and years. Being in undeveloped land it will be there until it breaks in a storm.

The measurement. January 27th 2009 circumference 179.5 inches. February 14th 2014 circumference 190.75” a 11.25 inches of circumference or 6% increase in 5 years.

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