Thursday, March 13, 2014

Firewood 2

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I decided to split the wood and move it. But as I got the wedge started into a chunk of wood the wedge just bounced out of the wood after I slammed the sledge down on the wedge.

Splitting was out of the question for now. So plan B is to cut the wood into chunks and roll them up to where I want to stack them. Then in the summer I plan to split what I can.

The problem with splitting wood in the summer is it gets hot.
The heat makes the work that much harder. Be that as it may that is what I will do.

After I moved all I wanted to pick up and roll to the pile. I got my saw and started cutting. What a difference I was making in the environment of sound. Instead of wind and a few birds chirping in the pre-spring afternoon there now was a roar. The bar was cutting through the wood and chips were flying. After a while when I cut a section I would roll it to the stack and go back and cut another one. When the saw ran out of gas I looked at the clock and decided that was enough for the day. I had moved a significant amount of firewood to where I wanted it stacked. Tomorrow will be another day and I will continue my work.

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Here is the photo in mid January and the article I wrote then.

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