Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fallen Am. Sycamore Bark

Hiking along the above trail back where I came I noticed this American sycamore bark. As I turned around sure enough there was a tree that it fell from. The bark flakes off easily.

American sycamore obviously does not have bark that will protect it from fire. These trees will die quickly in a fire the bark is thin and does not provide any resistance to fire.

Fast growth without fire protection. But if there was a fire the tree would establish itself again quickly in the area.

God is a consuming fire to those who have not prepared themselves for His coming. And he refines us as gold and silver are refined in the furnace of affliction.

Let us not be like a tree whose bark falls of quickly but one that is able to endure the fire of trouble and comes out shinning with the glory of God.

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