Sunday, December 21, 2014

Large Cottonwood

We measured this large E. Cottonwood tree today.
Circumference: 20' 5" I measured above the burl, which was 6' high.
Height: 109'
Canopy 75
Giving a total point value of 373.

Notice the tape is not level, but you want to measure it as the stem of the tree leans.

The large burl hindered my measuring at the correct height or 4' 6". But this tree has some history. The tree may have been 2 trees and then grew into one tree. There is a crack in the bole of the tree that may break away at some point.

I had just brought my 50 mm lens and could not get a clear shot of the tree with it. Therefore the stitching. Such a gloomy day would not make for much of a good photo. The 50 mm lesns has more settings to adjust for low light and that is why I brought it. I really enjoy my wide angle lens, which I failed to bring with me. It gives me a lot of latitude in where I could take a photo from. But I didn't think there was any hope of taking any half way decent photo.

Jill, my wife was worried about me falling in the river. There was a lot of room to get around the tree. I wasn't worried at all.

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