Monday, December 29, 2014

Wolf Tree in Younger Forest

Hiking among the rocks we enjoyed the winter woods that blocked the cold wind blowing.

In our hike the other day ( December 16th 2014)  we came across this larger Chinquapin Oak. We measured it because it was larger than the other trees in this forest.

Circumference of 135.25 "
Height of 100.5 '
and a Canopy of 68 ' and 61 '
Total points of: 227

This tree will be easy to find because it is not far in the woods after a clearing as we walk on a chip seal gravel trail. The day was windy and 30 degrees and overcast. The tree sort of resembles a wolf tree. This tree may have been in an open field and then the woods were allowed to grow up later.

Lord let there be a place for people to grow in their knowledge of you, among the mature Christians who understand how to nurture others in their Christian walk.

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