Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Maple Tree Remaeaured

I had measured this tree in 2002.  Not being able to find it for many years I ran accross it this past January. I wanted to come back and measure it. I wonder if it was 2 trees that grew together or is it one tree that is splitting apart as the tree ages.

                 2002 Measurements                                           2015 measurements

Height                  83                                                                      79

Circumference          202                                                                 226.25

Canopy                     77  &  77                                                         91  &  65

Total Points                   304.25                                                          324.85

I did not have a clinometer in 2002, so the height was measured by holding a pencil against the and then figure a perportion to a known height and multiplying. Now with a clinometer my height measurement is much better.     

The circumference has grown by 22 1/4 inches in 13 years.
That is 1.72 inches a year or or 0.85% a year.
In the 13 years the circumference increased 11%

Another thing to consider is the tree has a crack between the 2 bowls. Has this crack increased to make the circumference bigger?

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