Sunday, November 13, 2016

Large White Oak

Photo taken 10/18/2016
f9 1/500 12mm ISO 1600

This White oak dominates in these woods. The other trees are much smaller and looked to be from another generation. Why does one tree dominate while others fail to make the size. Part of the reason is the type of tree it is. White oaks grow to a large size if given the right conditions. 

These oaks need to grow in full sunlight to gain full potential. If the tree is overshadowed it will grow slowly and bide its time till there is an opening in the canopy. With full sunlight, the tree that had been growing slowly will start to grow faster.

Christians need to receive light from our Lord Jesus to grow to their potential. At the same time there needs also the fellowship of other believers to encourage and guide them to better growth. We need the right mix of freedom and support to mature. 

Father, guide me to stay focused on You. Whether I'm a small tree or a large one, I look to you for my support.

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  1. Both the small trees and the large form a community. Both are needed in the community. Romans 12:5 says"we are members one of another". We need each other just as the forest needs both big and small trees to thrive.