Monday, June 07, 2010

Hike in Pioneer Woods

Hiking in a field that is reverting back to forest there is gray dogwood and E red cedar. The area has a nice cedar smell, which gives an accepting feeling. Of course the preponderance of E red cedar means the ground leaves something to be desired. yet I enjoyed walking through this inviting fragrance. I thought of tying up my hammock and reading in these woods.

Then I came across an oak tree that I call a Turkey oak because of the thin shaped lobes on the leaves.
 But more likely its a Pin oak or Scarlet oak.

While I was looking for the Turkey oak I saw a Chinquipin oak that I rough meausured at 10' circumferance. I want to check to see if there is a larger tree in my records. Going back to my records I have not run across a Chinquipin oak with this big a circumference. I will go back and measure to see its value in tree points. The largest one I have seen is on the same slope as this tree.

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