Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Searching for Ash

I was driving by a bluff outcropping. I took some photos of 2 trees that were opposite muliti leaved. But I could not tell if they were ash or not or which type of ash. 

Later I hiked up on top of the bluff. I fought my way through some Asian bush honeysuckle. When I came to the trees I saw they were ash.

Finding a seed on the gound I will use that as the method of IDing these trees.

Its white ash.

Getting there is half the fun. There were trails but I shyed away from on the cliff edge.
Here is the wolf tree Chinquipin that I have posted earlier. I went by it looking for the Ash trees near the blufs edge. I had posted about this tree earlier.  Link to prior post.

Here is a link showing the difference between 4 major ash trees you can compare the seeds

Here are some pointers on collecting ash seeds.

Here is a link that helps you decipher if a tree is an ash tree.

Here is another link that helps distingues ash from other common similar trees.

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