Saturday, December 03, 2016


The Killdeer is a plover and is a shore bird. But they don't always stay by the shore. I found this bird at a baseball field. Their name comes from their call that sounds like a shrill killdeer.

Many of the plovers run along beach shores to gather their food. Killdeer run for a while than stop to see if they have stirred up any insects.
The oldest Killdeer was found rebanding in Kansas, 10 years and 11 months.

Killdeers will try a broken wing trick to get predators to not go near their nest.  This works fine but horses will still step on their nests as they roam through the pasture.

I enjoy seeing these birds and the energy they show as they work the ground for food. 

1 Peter 3:10 "For,The one who desires life, to love and see good days,
Must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit."

Father, thank you for the energy that comes from you to enjoy life and all You make.

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