Friday, December 30, 2016


Summer creek with little slope. The water only flows here during rain. There is a little bit of water flowing but not much.

Water finds the lowest point and creates a stream, washing all the dirt away leaving only rock. Streams come in two categories. Streams and intermittent streams. Intermittent streams only flow part of the year when there is enough rain to keep it flowing.

The life found in the stream varies according to how deep the water is and how fast the water flows. Some fish prefer fast flowing streams. While other fish can't handle fast water, only living in slower flowing water. The depth of the water will  dictate to an extent the fish that live there.

Christian growth is refereed to as being better if people live and use a stream instead of a lake or pond. If our source of water is on again and off again there would not be good health. We need to have  a steady diet of Scripture to thrive spiritually, along with fellowship, prayer, giving and serving.

Father, don't let me be an intermittent stream for You. I want to seek you with my whole heart.

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