Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snow Geese

What a marvelous sight I found at a nearby wildlife refuge. And there are a lot more coming.  They were always honking. When more of them would take to the air volume went up. And the volume went down when most of the geese settled down on the water.

The population was down so far in 1916 that hunting was stopped. It was started again in 1975. The population is so high now that the breeding grounds in Canada are being damaged by the overpopulation. There are some dark birds in this species and they are called blues.

They breed in Canada all the way up to the Arctic ocean. They winter along the Mississippi river down to Mexico and the Gulf coast. Some Snow geese that winter along the Pacific ocean will breed up in Siberia and some of those that winter along the Atlantic ocean will breed in Greenland.

Females will spend up to 18 hours a day foraging for food at their breeding grounds. But once they are sitting on their eggs they don't eat much. The oldest known snow goose  was 27 1/2 years.

Wing span 54" weight 116 oz. (7 pounds 4 oz) 2-6 eggs a year with one brood.

They sound a warning by honking before they take off and we shold pay attention to the warnings written in the Bible.

Joel 2:1 "Blow a trumpet in Zion,
And sound an alarm on My holy mountain!......"

Father let me be aware of Your warnings and serve You to help others follow You.


  1. What a beautiful picture of the geese, and the word is beautiful as it reveals God.

  2. We had a good time at a wild life refuge where we saw these.

  3. We had a good time at a wild life refuge where we saw these.