Sunday, October 12, 2008

Recap, News & Other Blogs

American Forests has an interesting Youtube video, called:
Nature and the Human Network in the Piedmont Crescent. 9:55

Weather looks favorable for autumn color.

Interesting article how Beetles use a fungus to their advantage.

An interesting book called "Between Earth and Sky" is blogged here. I have not read the book but am thinking about it. The ultimate objective of the book is to instill a sense of mindfulness about the importance of trees and forests – the lungs of our Earth.

Another book on my wish list is "The Urban Tree Book"
by Arthur Plotnik

I have some posts coming up this week on Black oak. After writing and studying about this tree I will be more aware of it and will be keeping an eye out for more of them.

I enjoyed my study of Bald cypress. Not living where these trees naturally grow hinders my ability to get good photographs but it is a unique tree.

Here is the best article of the week. 10,000 Trees blog has an article called "
The 12 Most Magnificent Trees in the World" Largest tree, tallest tree, biggest spread of a tree, the oldest tree. etc.

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