Wednesday, October 29, 2008

River Bottom Woods

Hiking along a stretch of woods by the Missouri river I came across this multi stem Mulberry. I was not sure what kind of Mulberry it was. I later went back looking for the tree and could not find it. I will try again from the same direction I did the first time.

Later on my hike I came across these Silver maples. I do not remember seeing any of these along this stretch of river. There are plenty of Box elder maple to be seen, I was surprised to see these.

Looking down at the river there is a patch of Black willow. This is the only tree sized willow that grows around here. Willow is the only tree growing along this stretch of river. It can withstand more flooding than most trees.

Ezekiel 17:5
" 'He took some of the seed of your land and put it in fertile soil. He planted it like a willow by abundant water,

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