Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Drought Kills E White Pine


These Eastern White Pine trees are dying in the recent drought. They are planted in good soil and have been there for many years. The trees grow in a way that their age can easily be counted. Each year the branches grow from a ring around the bole of the tree. So counting the rings of branches I came up with 17 years. That seems about right considering the age of the park and the structure they were planted around.

The tree has a range that is not native to this part of the country. In normal years there is no problem with them but West Central Missouri has some extremes that are beyond the capabilities of the tree. You don't see any Coniferous trees growing naturally here, except one juniper tree called Eastern Red Cedar.

White Pine has soft needles growing 5 to a bundle. But the needs of the tree are not met in the extreme conditions of drought. We experience no rain for months and 105 degree days.

Christians will live a long time in conditions that are not favorable for growth. People will tell them of the problems of living that way but many will not listen. There will come a time when stress will kill the ability of these people to live for the Lord.

Learn what is pleasing to the Lord and what revitalizes your life. Life does not come from movies or rich food or wild music. Life comes from the Word of God and the relationship, God offers.

Your life will flourish as you seek the Lord, even when suffering.

Psalm 1 don't dwell with the scoffers, the ungodly, or sinners. Stay in the Word of the God day and night. When the heat comes, you will stay green and yield fruit.

That is not to say we should stay away from the people of the world. But we are to be influences and not be influenced by them. Don't participate in their foolishness.

Have your life sustained in the word of God not in the words of scoffers, ungodly and sinners. What we listen to will affect our life and the ability to produce. Scoffing will never produce anything.

Believe, speak and act on what you truly believe.

Lord, guide me to have my roots down deep in you so I can still flourish in trouble.

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