Sunday, September 02, 2012

Hard Soil

 I noticed some trees that were planted in a former roadway. The asphalt and base of the road were taken up and the ground was planted in grass. But our dry summer has turned most of these leaves brown.

I took a close look at the twigs and there still seems to be life, but time will tell if they survive and will be vibrant next year.

The ground under the road was not dug up. The trees were just planted right into the road bed. The ground might of been augured up to plant the tree but ground around the tree was still packed hard.

Trees need to be able to expand their roots into the soil to gather water. Hard packed soil will restrict the roots from expanding as needed. Without the ability of the roots to grow the tree will be under a stress of lack of water.

Our life is like a tree in many ways. When I saw this example of mismanagement I thought of how we become hardened against the things of God.

Just as these trees need the soil to be plowed up so they can thrive. People need their heart to change to receive from God. Without a change of heart there is no ability to hear the things of God.

A hard heart is not conductive to receive anything of the spirit of God. What should we do with a heart that is hard?

The first step is to go to God and tell Him. God is not unaware of the problems of mankind. He will give a soft heart to those who truly want to change and live for Him.

Call unto the Lord for help. He will hear you. Repent of an attitude that rejects the things of God. Be willing to listen to the teachings of the Bible.

If you seek the Lord He will not cast you out. Deut 4:29

Lord I don't want to respond to the hard knocks of life with bitterness or a hard heart. Give me a heart to seek you and look for you in life.

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