Saturday, September 08, 2012

Tree of Heaven in Drought

A tree is thriving in an 8' x 8' patch of dirt in the middle of the concrete jungle. The water it needs is not provided by the patch of dirt it's planted in. The roots have reached a place where they acquire water from another source.

Tree of Heaven is a weed tree in my book. The tree came from China in 1784 to provide food for silkworms.

Tree of Heaven is a resourceful tree. It spreads by sucker and by seed. It will grow better than most native trees. And in this spot the tree is thriving where other trees would die. When I took this photo we were in a drought. No rain had fallen for weeks. And when we did get rain it was next to nothing. But this tree is thriving in adversity. Looking at the branches no branch is being left behind. The tree is not growing as high as others of this species in better locations. But this tree is thriving.

What are we to do to thrive in adverse circumstances? Gain a source of water (be able to feed yourself in the Lord)

Life will throw problems at us at times. Thriving in adversity is where Christian growth happens. James 1:2-4 Put down your roots deep in Christ. Have a faith that is not dependent on anything but Christ.

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