Thursday, June 02, 2016

Red Winged Black Bird

This bird can be found along water areas or fields. I see it often atop cattails, trees or on telephone wires. The bird lives year abround in the United States 48 states except Montana. (It is in Montana in the Spring) 

The bird will cover its red and yellow feathers on its wing at times. The breeding population is down from 190 million in 1974 to 130 million in 2014. They prefer to feed off the ground and not on a feeder.

Males will spend a lot of time giving their call. I enjoy this bird for its color and unique call. A long call that is broken up by vibrating.

Open fields and water are where I can find this bird. I can find God by humbling my heart and reading the Bible and praying. Let us look to the Lord each day for our needs.

Psalm 17:6 "
I have called upon You, for You will answer me, O God; Incline Your ear to me, hear my speech."

Lord I call to you for to help me to live for You today. Thank you Jesus, and in Jesus name I pray.

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