Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Reeds in Water

I wanted to get a photo of a Red winged black bird and I new these reeds were near a home supply store. So I brought my camera to find a bird after I shopped for what I needed.

Why these reeds? Red winged blackbirds feed around aquatic plants by probing with their bill at the base of the plants for insects.

There are places where Christians can find food for their spirits as well. Reading the Bible daily is a good way to feed your spirit. Going to church and fellowship with believers, worship and learning from the sermon are other was to learn.. Books have much knowledge as well. 

It is important to acknowledge that learning is not complete if we don't apply what we have been taught.

Father I want to seek you earnestly each day. Guide me by your Spirit to find the nourishment I need and ways to serve. Thank you Lord for your provision in Jesus name.

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