Friday, July 08, 2016

American White Pelicans

I got this shot in April. The young are dark. These birds at times will work together to herd fish to a shallow area for easy feeding. To raise their young, they need 150 pounds of food before their young are on their own. They don't carry their food in their bill pouch. They use their pouch to scoop up food but eat it before they fly off.

Pelicans could be a sign of devastation in the Bible. Many people are devastated without Christ. Let us not abandon people but instead be a voice of reconciliation to bring people to Christ.

Isaiah 34:11 "But pelican and hedgehog will possess it, And owl and raven will dwell in it; And He will stretch over it the line of desolation And the plumb line of emptiness."

Father, you are almighty and true. Your word brings life to others where little hope exists. Let me be a light to the lost.

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